Back at it.

2017-02-21 21:09:28 by Goreguese


It's been really a while (3 fucking years) since I last drew something. I think it's time for me to push myself to do arts again even if I still am not in my best stature to do so.

So I think this is it. By March I'll try to do an art a day. Damn to the person who made me stop doing what I like. You broke me but that was years ago. I'm slowly moving forward. I need the healing now.

I'll punch myself in the face if I can't keep this promise.

chocolate in the morning.

2016-04-26 00:42:52 by Goreguese


what a stupid way to start the day, everything's a blur to me now....

my face when...

2015-09-18 06:00:58 by Goreguese


...i don't know what to buy with my little spare money and how the decision will affect my life.

books, or keyboard piano or running shoes.

*happy* birthday...myself.

2015-09-10 23:06:32 by Goreguese

happy 9/11. it's my birthday. i am busy at work and i am broke and my earphones are messed up and goodbye to this 3feet hair. hello 21 year old life. another fine year of not knowing what to do with myself.

greet me please.

i finally met my friends

2015-09-07 22:44:16 by Goreguese


hah! this show came out on the same month and year as I was born.


2015-08-17 08:35:10 by Goreguese


come on, i know you like messy foodstuffs, it's one of your fetishes!

i saw ultraman

2015-08-01 02:21:21 by Goreguese


is he sending me a message? what does it mean? please help.