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slow moving story, kinda missing a good plot there but the animation is a nice combination of 2D and 3D. i like how the truck moves and bounces though. the music's kind of exaggerated, doesn't go well with the character's reaction.

Spectralbeacon responds:

Looking back i can definably see the slow moving story, the main goal i had in mind was the 2D, 3D combo which for a first go, i think is alright but can definably use more work. One of the most difficult parts being that i was the lead 3D animator and there wasnt a lot of together time with the 2D artist which led to timing issues.

But i have to give it to you, that you are the first person to not be on board with the music, i kept it since the animatic phase and was encouraged to keep it from a lot of classmates and professors. But hey its hard to jude at this point since its so deep in my brain at this point. Though, hey i appreciate the critique, and will keep it in mind moving forward!

sick animation is SICK!

this is very funny. for the animation, i think it was very unique, simple and have the classique style. The black and white was the right choice. the voice goes well with the character's facial impression and the way you draw them. as for the story and also unique script, which was really hilarious, made me smile for the whole 4:53 run time. i hope you'll do some more eavesdropping and make an animation out of it again.

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This is weird. I both hate and fancy it at the same time. It's frustrating I can't easily move forward but I get a good laugh whenever I crash.

The respawn moment's kinda slow, the fireplace and the chandelier looks like a background to me at first until I bumped into them.

MSRafiyenko responds:

Thank you for notice my. I'll do somethig with windows in the next update. So, it'll be much easier to avoid the walls.
And, I think you're right about fireplace and other indoor stuff I need to emphasize thes a little bit.

Thanks for your advise!

A game which is of its own. Calmness in the middle of enjoyment, one of the few games which deserved to be played through until the progress gets completed. Anyway, there was a single time when a new sadness appeared on the same spot as I am which rendered me dead. Was a bummer, but the whole game's addictive. I will never let the sadness get me next time!

JackAstral responds:

Thanks :) I added a little notifier when an enemy is about to appear in the latest patch

what? the newgrounds logo wasn't an illuminati symbol? i smell something fishy.

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already got me on the first beat. this is so gooood.

awesome track and superb beat progression. deserves to listen in repeat.

HAHAHAHA this is so fucking awesome man. made me laugh so hard.

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This looks really swell, I'm digging the character's design, it looks perfect.

yes, i DEFINITELY like it.

i agree with you man. all mayweather did was just hit and run. just waiting for a chance to get a point. clearly not a fighter. and that's who you call a champion?

ScepterDPinoy responds:

He used this only beloved tactic to run away like no other tomorrow in the final round... What a cheater.

That gum you like will come back in style.

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